The Twisted Wheel – Soul Links

Welcome to the Twisted Wheel – Soul Links on The links are one way of understanding the influence and unchanging importance of this sixties soul club on the foundation of Northern Soul. The Twisted Wheel Club – Wikipedia  Roger Eagle Pete Roberts Soulful Detroit – Twisted Wheel Tony Wilson Rod the Mod at the … Read more

The Working Life of The Blue Note DJ, Manchester

A Blue Note DJ and an empty dance-floor at The Blue Note Club Manchester. It’s just before the club opens. There are two mod girls in the cloak room to take the overcoats of the punters coming down the stairs. I put on a slow record onto one of the twin Garrard record decks: The … Read more

R & B Scene – Roger Eagle

1964 saw the first ever FANZINE for Blues and Soul music and its artists. R & B Scene – Roger Eagle was started by Roger Eagle, with a little help from his friends. Roger was the eclectic DJ at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel club: the epicentre in the North of England for Mod culture, Blues, R&B … Read more

Brian Smith – Blues photographer

Brian Smith – Blues photographer, was a friend of Roger Eagle and it was Brian who photographed many of the artists appearing at The Twisted Wheel, at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester and other places. The list of photographs of these artists ties in with their performances at ‘The Wheel’ and you can see the … Read more

The Torch – Stoke on Trent

The Torch – Stoke on Trent was The Golden Torch ballroom – Northern Soul venue in the seventies, based in Stoke on Trent. In the sixties, Stoke on Trent was only in our heads as a place closer to Manchester hitchhiking on our way back from watching Prince Buster in Stafford. Every Saturday there would … Read more

Wigan Casino – where allnighters went to die…

The venue that brought back Soul music all-nighters after the closure of other locations (primarily The Twisted Wheel in Manchester) was the Wigan Casino. It became the 1970’s epicentre for Northern Soul all night dance sessions. Richard SearlingĀ  And Russ Winstanley were the most famous DJ’s at the venue and Russ was the guy who … Read more

Blackpool Twisted Wheel

The Blackpool Twisted Wheel? Yes, there was a Twisted Wheel club in Blackpool. I remember a group of mods on scooters parked outside who decided that the fashion of the day was to wear school caps. The sight of these guys in parkas and various coloured and striped caps was bizarre will stay with me … Read more

Blue Note Club Manchester – top soul club

THE BLUE NOTE CLUB Gore Street Manchester Second only to the Twisted Wheel, the Blue Note Club Manchester carried the torch for Soul music in the city from 1967 to 1970 (it did continue to 1971 but at that time it became more varied and more Jamaican music influenced).  It was a typical cellar soul … Read more


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Chitlin Circuit

The Chitlin Circuit was the name given to a series of venues in the USA deep South States in the 1950s and 60s. These locations were often cotton bale warehouses that were emptied of the bales and could hold thousands, usually black people only. The artists would tour between these in small towns. More often … Read more