The Valentinos

The Valentinos : It's All Over Now

Looking For A Love
I Found A True Love
Sweeter Than The Day Before
Tired Of Being Nobody
It’s All Over Now

The record It’s all Over Now released by the Valentinos in 1963 was copied by the Stones and went to number one in the UK Charts in 1964.

Bobby Womack was the lead singer of the Valentinos and they were his brothers.

Looking For A Love was a massive soul club hit in the mid sixties in Manchester. After the death of Sam Cooke the Womack Brothers in the shape of The Valentinos went on to record a few tracks at Chess the best being Sweeter Than The Day Before. Bobby married Sam’s widowed wife.

Roger Eagle was responsible for playing and popularising these songs in the early Soul years at the first Twisted Wheel in Manchester. A decade later “Sweeter Than The Day Before” became, again, popular on the 70’s Northern scene: Kev Roberts puts it in at 110 on his Top 500.

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