Natural High (1973) Bloodstone released the above track which was featured in the film Jackie Brown, lovely slow soul with a great falsetto lead from Charles Love. Wikipedia: Bloodstone Bloodstone –

The Millionaires

(Ain’t You Glad) I’m The One Who Loves You Slow falsetto lead on this great slow Soul track by The Millionaires. First released in 1966. First issued ¬†as¬†Remember Me (I’m The One Who Loves You) the ‘b’ side of Frisco Sands by Rocky And The Millionaires. There was another soul group called The Millionaires based … Read more

The Four Hi’s

Pretty Little Face Heartbreak River The Four Hi’s produced a sound that was very similar to the part name group with a similar name – The Four Tops. Take a listen to Pretty Little Face and see what you think.

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

Ask Me (1972) A seventies disco group from New York. Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Wikipedia

The Undisputed Truth

You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell (Right Here On Earth) Smiling Faces (1971) from the 1972 LP Face To Face With The Truth by The Undisputed Truth. The band were signed to the Motown label and were a psychedelic soul outfit. The Undisputed Truth – Wikipedia

The Royalettes

Its Gonna Take a Miracle (1965) The Royalettes Wheel & Blue Note LP track –


Love Is Trying To Get A Hold On Me Woo, woo, woo: Smooth Soul sounds from Tavasco.

The Masqueraders

Do You Love Me Baby? Falsetto harmonies lead into this truly great Soul track by The Masqueraders. 393 on the TOP 500 by Kev Roberts. That’s The Same Thing The Masqueraders info @ SOUL EXPRESS

The Mayfield Singers

Don’t Start None (1965 un released at that time). ‘B’ side – My Baby Changes Like The Weather Both sides are crunching beating dancers; full on Northern Soul sounders by The Mayfield Singers. Curtis Mayfield’s label and his production backing vocalists. Even the instrumental scoured on the Northern Soul Scene.