Stevie Wonder – musical genius

Stevie Wonder Superstition

Fingertips (Pt2) – Little Stevie Wonder, Oriole 1963
Workout Stevie Wonder – SS 1963
Castles In The Sand
Hey Harmonica Man – Little Stevie Wonder Stateside – 1964
Hi Heel Sneekers – TM1965
Uptight – Motown 1966
Blowin’ In The Wind
I Was Made To Love Her – 1967
I’m Wondering
Sho-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day – 1968
For Once In My Life
My Cherie Amour 1969

Stevie Wonder – birth name Steveland Morris – was born on 13th of May 1950, at Saginaw, MI USA. He was eleven when he stated his recording career. A true musical genius!

Uptight was the great dance track that everyone loved at the Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester. It became one of those eternal allnighter soul anthems. Of course all the Mods in the early sixties loved Little Stevie Wonder and the fabulous Fingertips where he took the chromatic harmonica to places it had never been before or since.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

In the 1960s he came up to Manchester and recorded songs for Granada TV and he appeared at the Belle Vue Elizabethan Ballroom – Jimmy Savile’s Top Ten Club.

Savile would play records, then when the live acts came on, the stage would spin around and from the other side, Savile would disappear to be replaced by the main event. This was a fairly common stunt at certain venues at the time.

On this occasion Stevie Wonder appeared wearing a tight fitting tonic mohair suite, dark glasses, and clutching his harmonica in a style that was unique to him. He got very excited performing Uptight and almost walked off the front of the stage! However, he was unscathed as several people with outstretched hands guided and pushed him back. What a night! It was a fantastic show.

Stevie recorded the original Angel Baby on an LP which was also recorded by J J Barnes, Darrell Banks, and George Carrow.

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