The Hit Co

The Disco Duck A sort of Duck craze in Soul music was stated off by Jackie Lee. And another by Rick Dees. Also bumped up, housed up and slam dunked or ducked by The Bonecrushers – awful.

Milky Edwards & The Chamberlings

Soul Love Moonage Day Dream Versions of David Bowie tracks all Souled UP! “Soul Love” of course would be the best of these its got the correct title. But of course this is all a HOAX. David Bowie did like […]

OTIS – Chatbot

It can’t have escaped your notice that this Soul music focused website is called SOULBOT. The reason is that it was originally intended to have Otis Redding acting as an Avator Chatbot: reading out text and pointing to relevant information. […]

The Topics

Women’s Liberation A period piece of non PC lyrical writing from the 70’s!

Cassius Clay

Stand By Me Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. As Cassius he won the gold medal for boxing at the Olympics before turning professional. He recorded Stand By Me which was a fair cover of the Ben E King song. He […]

The Art Of Record Labels

The Art of Record Labels by JOHNNY SPENCER A fantastic collection of records and labels with Mr Spencer’s artwork superimposed onto the the covers – we like it!       Weblinks Johnny Spencer artwork – the art of labels

Superstitious Blues

Blues lyrics and Blues folklore is permeated with Black Magic, Voodoo and other superstitions / alternative religions. Black Cat Bones, Mojo Hand, Johnny Conqueroot, Voodoo, Gris Gris, all part of the slavery roots of black musicians. Listen closely to Muddy […]

Sue Thompson

Paper Tiger – 1965 This did get a few plays at the Brazennose Street Twisted Wheel in 1965 when it went through a mercifully brief period of playing novelty pop songs. This on was written by John D. Loudermilk. Sue […]


The Martian Hop  – London Records, 1963 The Martian Hop – sorry, but yes this was played frequently at the Twisted Wheel where there was a lot of the crowd interested in Surf Sounds. It sold more than a million […]

Johnny Otis

Johnny Otis was referred to as The Godfather of R&B although he was the son of a Greek immigrant who wanted to be black once he had switched on to American Blues. The Johnny Otis Show.  Hand Jive was copied […]