Alan Freed DJ

It was Alan Freed who was the first to place ‘Black’ music on mainstream radio (in the USA). Racism was rife on state-side airways. Black stations for Negroes, White for White. Alan Freed played both and some people did not like it. Blues, Soul R&B was known as ‘Race Music’. Alan Freed was the only … Read more

Richard Searling (DJ)

Richard Searling (DJ) is an important ‘Face’ on the Northern Soul scene. He started out at Bolton’s Va Va Club in the seventies. DJ @ THE WIGAN CASINO One of his vinyl discoveries.

Roger Eagle – Twisted Wheel DJ

Roger Eagle was the most memorable and enigmatic of the DJs who worked at The Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester in the sixties. Although he started out as a blues and R ‘n B expert, over the years he became an influence on many music spheres. Roger Eagle created R ‘n B Scene Magazine In … Read more

Poppa Stoppa

Poppa Stoppa was a New Orleans DJ, Clarence Hayman being the third to take the title ‘Poppa Stoppa’. His fame came from the legend that he was the first DJ to expose a white audience to Rhythm and Blues, although there have been many claims made in this regards. Poppa Stoppa Obituary – From A … Read more

Mike Raven

Mike Raven, real name Austin Churton Fairman, was a prominent Radio Luxembourg DJ, ballet dancer, actor, flamenco guitarist and many other talents. Everyone who was really interested in Soul Music would listen to his shows because he often played obscure soul tracks that were never played anywhere else – a kind of soul version of … Read more