Alan Freed DJ

Alan Freed - Rock & Roll Radio Show [Full Album]

It was Alan Freed who was the first to place ‘Black’ music on mainstream radio (in the USA). Racism was rife on state-side airways. Black stations for Negroes, White for White. Alan Freed played both and some people did not like it. Blues, Soul R&B was known as ‘Race Music’.

Alan Freed was the only person prosecuted in the so called ‘PAYOLA Scandal’ this was common practice – to pay DJays to pump play records. The ones paying for their records exposure and all the other DJ’s mentioned; not a one was prosecuted – just Alan Freed: it ruined him.

All he did was what everyone else was doing, but he promoted black artist, giving them airtime exposure in an apartheid USA.

Alan Freed Moondog 3 part video

Have the moves against black radicalism in music been going on ever since?

This book appears to expose that this is exactly so:

The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders by John Potash.