Swingin’ Tomatoes

Glenn Miller - In The Mood [HQ]

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Get It – go out and get it if you want to hear this record buy it, get it, buy it…” So goes the lyrics on this early sixties 45 by The Swingin’ Tomatoes.

A great method of self orientated marketing!

However, there are stories about the early days of pop music having subliminal sound track messages imprinted on them.

In the late 1950 it emerged that certain TV adverts in America had flashing subliminal messages in them. A scandal ensued and the practice, apparently was effective, but outlawed.

Well apparently and according to a strange book by Peter Moon called The Music Of Time a studio musician and recording engineer; Preston B. Nichols, was working with Phil Spector on similar inclusions onto the vinyl tracking. On example allegedly was The Twist And Let’s Twist Again By Chubby Checker. Oh, do me a favour!

The Music Of Time - Messages in Pop Music