P. J. Proby

Hold Me Somewhere Maria Niki Hoeky 1966 P. J. Proby is a colourful character who is mainly remembered for splitting his velvet trousers onstage which kept the tabloids in headlines for quite some time. Whenever his name in in the news (and it has been, often) out come the cliches regarding the oh so shocking … Read more

JImmy Jones – 39-21-46 Shape

Jimmy Jones released a couple of really popular songs in the early sixties, Good Timin’ and Handy Man. This was the time when jukeboxes in the U.K. had improved beyond recognition in terms of sheer vocal output and could really belt out a loud song, both of which these were. On the way to a … Read more

The Sonics

This U.S. band just goes on and on. Originally formed in 1960 in Tahoma USA, they have many reformations and released a new album, This is The Sonics in 2015. They have had multiple changes in line-up but are still producing their no frills, high energy rock and roll. If you like The Kingsmen and … Read more

Janis Joplin

Carefree and wonderful free spirit, taken from us all too soon. A white woman with a soulful voice. A Soul singer, a blues singer, a great singer, a Soulful singer. A life of great promise cut short by an addiction to drugs, a lonely Soul, she just needed support and love. She started out as … Read more

The Fantastics – Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music

Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music – Minit 1968 THE FANTASTICS Something Old Something New (1970) The Fantastics released a cover of the Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music original sang by Jay and The Techniques and then Johnny Johnson And the Bandwagon who had a worldwide hit with the same song. It became particularly … Read more

Jimmy Delphs

I’ve Been Fooled Before Walk On Into My Heart JImmy Delphs hails from Detroit and released Soul/funk tracks which have become Northern Soul favourites.

The Hit Pack

Never Say No To Your Baby Any serious Motown singles collector had to get this by The Hit Pack in the mid sixties and it was hard to find, although never popular on that sixties scene it was played occasional – more often at the Blue Note rather than The Wheel. Many collectors of Motown … Read more

Soul Swingers

Ca-Ba-Dab (1966) Hammond Organ¬†featured instrumental by The Soul Swingers.

Gene Bowlegs Miller

The Frankenstein Walk Gene “Bowlegs” Miller? Well, in them thaar now distant 1960’s every Soul singer thought it a good idea to do a song about a dance, even if they hadn’t invented it. The song basically is Frankenstein the monster telling us how to do his dance. We had the Shimmy, The Boo-galoo, The … Read more

The Steinways

My Heart’s Not In It Anymore You’ve Been Leading Me On FANTASTIC double ‘A’ side 45 with two really great Soul tracks by The Steinways. Yvonne Gearing is the lead vocalist on My Heart Is Not In It Anymore and the male members of the group feature on the other. 493 on Kev Roberts Top … Read more