The Marvelettes

The Marvelettes - When you're Young and in Love 1967

Please Mr Postman -UK Fontana 1961
Beechwood 45789 – UK Oriole 1962
Locking Up My Heart – 1963
Your Love Can Save Me
He’s A Good Guy Stateside 1964
As Long As I Know He’s Mine

You’re my Remedy

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game Too Many Fish In The Sea – 1965
I’ll Keep On Holding On – Tamla 1965
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
Don’t Mess With Bill – 1966
When Your Young And In Love – 1967
My Baby Must Be A Magician – 1968

The Marvelettes had Motown‘s first number one single “Please Mr. Postman” in 1961. “Ill Keep On Holding On” and “You’re my Remedy” were constantly requested tracks making the dance floor heave and although slower, just as popular was “Don’t Mess With Bill” at the Twisted Wheel Allnighters. Of course in the UK and later in the USA it was the Beatles who brought this recording to the main public’s attention, on our scene we derided the Beatles for this! Before they were the Marvelettes they were the Darnells.

Virtually all the tracks listed above were frequently  played making the Marvelettes play list a must at Manchester‘s soul clubs and as a result they became one of the most regular Motown groups to be heard. The Marvelettes were definitely one of the best Motown girl groups with a terrific array of superb songs.

Wanda Young was found again by Ian Levine in 1989. She was a street bag lady and an alcoholic. They cleaned her up to record again and feature in the DVD ‘The Strange World Of Northern Soul’. It seems a pity that Berry Gordy, who obviously owed something to his earlier artists like Wanda, could not help her in her years of need. Since then she has got things together and has some strong opinions about fake artists taking her rightful royalties (see link below).

“My Baby Must Be A Magician” this one was high on the list of requests from the Mod girls at the Wheel, The Blue Note and all the other clubs in 60’T’s Manchester.

On the later Soul scene – the Northern one;  Only Your Love Can Save Me and Reaching For Something I Can’t Have, but it comes back to their 1965  track “I’ll Keep On Holding On” that gets into The Northern Soul All Time Top 500 at position 475.

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