Maryann Farra & Satin Soul

Maryann Farra & Satin soul - Stoned out of my mind (1976) Vinyl

Stoned Out Of My Mind (1975)

Satin Soul, Disco soul with a bit of a negative message these days! Not sure whether she is saying that losing him is driving her out of her mind or making her turn to drugs – you decide!

Maryann Farra & Satin Soul

Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – Facebook

Charlene and The Soul Serenaders

Charlene & The Soul Serenaders - Can You Win - Volt VOA 4052 (1970)

Can You Win – first on Paradox then distributed by Stax

Love Changes 

Charlene and The Soul Serenaders singing Can You Win can be found on the  Ian Levine CD compilation Solid Stax Sensations available on Amazon. The group were mainly a gospel outfit and released the album The Answer with an image of Jesus Christ on the cross on the cover.

Laura Vane and the Vipertones

Am I Dreaming? - Laura Vane & The Vipertones Official Video

NO WORDS (2010)

A good modern Soul outfit. Laura Vane was living in Brighton in the U.K. when approached by two Djs from the Netherands. Laura Vane and the Vipertones was the resulting fusion.

First Choice – Philly Girl Group

First Choice - This Is The House

This Is The House Where Love Died (1972)

I’ve Got A Feeling

Doctor Love

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Yes, Maybe No

First Choice - I've Got A Feeling
First Choice – I’ve Got A Feeling

Disco but Soul from First Choice? … but I’ve Got a feeling it’s Soul.

Much of their music has been sampled by today’s musicians(?) Or do we say Curated now?

First Choice had a reunion concert in 2014 in New York

First Choice – Wikipedia

First Choice – Discog

Vala Regan and the Valerons

vala reegan & the valerons ..... fireman

FIREMAN  (1966)

This track by Vala Regan and the Valerons was played regularly at Blue Note club Manchester in the sixties.

Maybe also played at the Twisted Wheel.

Living In The Past

The Debonairs

Debonairs - Loving You Takes All Of My Time

Lovin’ You Takes All Of My Time (a)
Headache In My Heart (b)

The Debonairs have a nice girly group Soul sounds. It’s Lovin’ You Takes All Of My Time that gets an entry into Kev Roberts Top 500 of Northern soul.

Lipps Inc

How Long

How Long

For Soul purists Lipps Inc are popularized disco soul, and this is therefore referred to by the Soul aficionados as a trashy disco soul. But nevertheless its sort of OK. A version of the great 1960’s song from ACE.

FUNKY TOWN was their big Disco hit.

Lipps Inc

The Darnells

The Darnells

Too Hurt To Cry And Too Much In Lover To Say Goodbye

Early Motown girl group The Darnells with sounds similar to those of a Phil Spector production.

It was a mixture of two Motown girl backing singers – The Andantes with the Darnells.

The Darnells changed their name and became The Marvelettes.

WIKI – Andantes Darnells

The Ivorys

Ivorys - Please Stay

Please Stay (1966)

This track by The Ivorys has now become a collector’s item – very rare (Wand USA).

332 on Kev Roberts Top 500.