Jerry Williams

Little Jerry Williams .....Baby Bunny Sugar Honey.

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If You Ask Me (1975)
Baby You’re My Everything – Cala 1966 USA

Jerry Williams was part of the duo that made the fantastic Soul hit on the first Soul scene @The Wheel & Blue Note in Manchester – BROOKS & JERRY – I GOT WHAT IT TAKES.

As a songwriter he wrote for many Soul artists: “Big Party” for Barbara and the Browns.

Little Jerry Williams

This guy is not your usual Soul singer. For a start he calls himself Swamp Dogg, worked as a producer, songwriter and sometime engineer. He released an album called Total Destruction To  Your Mind – you have been warned about listening to it by the title!

“If You Ask Me” gets position 31 on the Top 500 from Northern Soul DJ Kev Roberts.

In 1970 he changed his personna to SWAMP DOG – click this like to get all the facts.