Maryann Farra & Satin Soul

Stoned Out Of My Mind (1975) Satin Soul, Disco soul with a bit of a negative message these days! Not sure whether she is saying that losing him is driving her out of her mind or making her turn to drugs – you decide! Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – Facebook

Wesley Paige

I’ve Got To Find Out For Myself (1968) Blame It On Your Love (1969) Wesley Paige released these two tracks in the late sixties. I’ve Got To Find Out For Myself is an upbeat dance track whereas Blame It On Your Love is a classic soul ballad. The latter is a great Soulful  song covered … Read more

Bobby Powell

When You Move You Lose (1979) Bobby Powell – Blues and Soul singer. INFO/Discog @ Soulfulkindamusic

SOUL Resources

Where to go for your Soul : Recommended SOUL Resources that are informative and built by Soul loving folks: Sir Shambling’s DEEP SOUL HEAVEN Lots of rare 45 and information. Soul Walking Soulful Kinda Music Soul Express Soulful Detroit Soul Record label info FACE BOOK Motown – Northern Soul GoldSoul Blues & Rhythm, Soul … Read more

The Aristocrats

Let’s Get Together Now (1973) Don’t Go LP Slippin Dippin The Aristocrats and The Aristocrats Organization appear with two separate sounds, one a later soul type sound, the other a newer funky sound depending on whether they used their male or female lead. Read all about it here: Aristocrats – AllMusic The Aristocrats Organization

Joseph Moore

I STILL CAN’T GET YOU This is one by Joseph Moore on that MAR V LUS label that we never got our hands on in 1966. Of course we were well into all things on that label that had given us so many great sounds (Alvin Cash, Duettes, J Sayles etc). These days (1990’s) its … Read more

Paul Thompson

Special Kind Of Woman Bouncy Soul style by Paul Thompson, very much unlike a normal Stax track but it is and also very rare. The Sound is not from the studio on East McLemore Avenue in Memphis  – no, this one was done at Muscle Shoals in Colbert County, Alabama. (1970)

Advertising Using Soul Music

Advertising Using Soul Music: The advertising industry, for many, many years have been using Soul music songs as part of their advertising campaign, its theme, or just as a great sound to underpin the advertising message. Soul Music Adverts have become increasingly common. The 60’s Mods featured in a Lucozade advertisement is a good example. … Read more

Rodger Collins – She’s Looking Good

She’s Looking Good (1967) This track was better known by Wilson Pickett who had the hit with this although the original was by Rodger Collins. Rodger was a soul and funk artist who converted to Islam and adopted the new name of Hajji Rajah Kasim Sabrie. This was after touring with Joe Tex – one thing … Read more