Billy Gales

I’m Hurting Billy Gales released this track with a shouting intro a lot like Mohammed Ali or Amos n’ Andy it evolves into a typical sixties R&B style Soul number. There is a slight Little Richard feel to it, definitely one for the R&B aficionado.

Ron Holden With The Thunderbirds

My Babe – 1959 Ron Holden with the Thunderbirds sang this track with gusto. Many Soul Club goers regarded this recording as Rock and Roll music but what’s really the difference? Many Rock and Roll songs were popular for both Mods and Rockers – Chuck Berry and Little Richard for example. This 45 was dug … Read more

Bobby Thomas & The Afros

Darling Don’t Come Back Simply brilliant release by Bobby Thomas & The Afros. Lamenting horns very much like a Stax composition very Otis in its theme. More Info: Sir Shambling

Walter Rhodes

I Worship The Ground You Walk On Walter Rhodes sang this deep Soul ballad, lamenting the loss of love. I Worship The Ground You Walk On was also recorded by Etta James and Jimmy Hughes.

Ortheia Barnes – from Jazz to religion

Watch Out Boy Never Ever Leave Me I’ve Never Loved Nobody Waiting For Joey Ortheia Barnes was an R&B and jazz singer who often opened the bill at concerts for great artists such Stevie Wonder and other Motown stars. In fact she was the sister of J.J. Barnes. Her voice was smooth and sweet, never … Read more

La Wanda William

Come Back To Me With an underlying beat sounding much like a Mary Wells song, try this number by La Wanda William.

Charles Sheffield

It’s Your Voodoo Working A great Northern Soul find by Charles Sheffield, and Voodoo hoodoo seems to be a theme in some Soul tracks, but most are in Blues, e.g. Screaming Jay Hawkins. Love Potion number 9 etc.

The Magnetics

Lady In Green Finger clicking good Doo Wop song by The Magnetics but with a dance beat. 222 in Kev Roberts Top 500. AKA The Volumes. Here is another track also great:  I Have A Girl. (1965) Magnetics / Volumes @ The SOULSMITH

Wiley Terry

Follow The Leader This track by Wiley Terry has that lazy R&B style beat we got to like in the early 60’s.

Bobby Parker

Bobby Parker made one fantastic 45 that was huge at the Twisted Wheel: WATCH YOUR STEP – London 1961 WATCH YOUR STEP – Sue 1965 Bobby Parker was still going strong in 2003 where he appeared live on stage on a UK tour where we saw  him at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax, complete with James Brown … Read more