Theresa Lindsey


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I’ll Bet You

The original by Theresa Lindsey. Many thought it was by Billy Butler at the time in the sixties, we played that one, because, there was no way tget this brilliant original on Golden World as the entire label had been sold to Berry Gordy and shut down.

See the Golden World story.

Theresa @ SoulfulDetroit

Sam E Solo

sam e. solo - love is not a game

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Love Is Not a Game

Sam E Solo

Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams - I've Only Got Myself To Blame

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I’ve Only Got Myself To Blame

Baby I Need Your Love by Bobby Williams on the UK Action label was often played at the Blue Note club in Manchester in the late 60’s. I’ve Only Got Myself To Blame was later ‘discovered’ on the Northern Soul scene.

Kenny Bernard – Pity My Shoes

Kenny Bernard - Pity My Feet

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Pity My Shoes
What Love Brings
Ain’t No Soul Left In These Old Shoes

Kenny Bernard is a British soul singer who recorded on the Pye label in the sixties and has become a hit with northern soul fans. Although he has never recorded an album he has released several tracks including the above. At one time it was Kenny Bernard and The Wranglers.

Looks like they mainly played in the south and certainly never made it to the Twisted Wheel. His record are very collectible among the Northern Soul fans.

Kenny Bernard - resurrected by Ian Levine
Kenny Bernard – resurrected by Ian Levine

Kenny Bernard – Allmusic

Bobby Angelle

Bobby Angelle - It's Just Gotta Be That Way

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It’s Just Gotta Be That Way

Just a classic Soul record from Mr Bobby Angelle on that graphic label: Money.

Entirely missed on the first Soul scene in the UK, well in the sixties there was just a massive outpouring of releases, each fighting against the main artists output and the main distribution record companies output; drinking from a fire-hose is a good term of description signifying the plethora of Soul 45’s released in that decade – no wonder so many were missed!

Thankfully this is another example of the great work done by Northern Soul evangelist (mostly in the UK) in unearthing such lost gems.

This one was used in a 2015 Shredded Wheat TV Advert.

L.J. Johnson

L. J. Johnson - Your Magic Put A Spell On Me

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Your Magic Put A Spell On Me 

Falsetto voiced rapid Soul with rapid violins by L. J. Johnson – EXCELLENT! This 1975 song was written by Ian Levine. AMAZING!

L.J. Live

The Triumphs (Vocal)

The Triumphs - I'm Coming To Your Rescue

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I’m Coming To Your Rescue

Very rapid cadence to this.

Reaches 361 on that Top 500 from Kev Roberts.

And not the same group as another of the same name who did the instrumental: Walking The Duck.

An probably the first Triumphs were on Volt (Stax) with “Burnt Biscuits”.

None of these Triumphs had anything to do with each other:

The Volt Triumphs.

The Instrumental Triumphs.

The Chaumonts

The Chaumonts - I Need Your Love

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I Need Your Love

This track by The Chaumonts is definitely a  mixture of other songs such as Uptight by Stevie Wonder, slowed down.

Whatever, it gets a position on Kev Roberts Top 500 at 333.

Johnny Jones and the King Casuals

Johnny Jones And The King Casuals - Purple Haze

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Purple Haze

A re-working of the classic Jimmy Hendrix song by Johnny Jones and the King Casuals. And it gets to 313 on Kev Roberts Top 500. It has been given the uptempo Northern Soul treatment.

I know it’s a matter of taste, but I prefer the, original it’s got much more feeling, style and Blues.

And, just to compare:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze (Audio)

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Joey Heatherton

Joey Heatherton - When You Call Me Baby

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When You Call Me Baby 

Is this Soul music? Surely it’s 1966 derivative pop music, ignored by any sixties Soul scene, but strangely not the 70’s Northern one!

A busty lady, actress and appeared topless in Playboy Mag.

She recorded the 45 When You Call Me Baby in 1966 for DECCA.

How on earth it became a Northern Soul favourite? It must have had something to do with the mysterious mechanics of our minds. Obvious in advertising: repeat often and it becomes embedded in our minds.

Joey Heatherton

So you can blame it on the DJ. In this case it was Richard Searling who pushed it. Of course the function is a two way street, the DJ gets prominence for finding it etc (Attention) The collectors like it (i’ts rare because nobody bought it on its release) It can be danced too, so dancers do what dancers do. Its the beat.

Add amphetamines too and you get extra entertainment. But real Soul music is more than all of this, and this ain’t that!

What is not Soul.

Nevertheless: Kev Roberts puts this song in his Top 500 at 309.

Joey Heatherton – Wikipedia