The Boneyard Club, Bolton

The CAROLINE LOUNGE in Bolton was nicknamed The Boneyard and this name stuck but don’t ask me why. Although it was not a cellar dive, you reached it by a set of stairs going up and over a musical instruments store, it was one of THE places to go to.

The Boneyard was very popular especially on Sunday afternoons following an All Nighter at The Manchester Twisted Wheel. Not sure who the DJ was but he played some of the best soul around.

The Boneyard site (Caroline Lounge) in its present state

CAROLINE LOUNGE must have been given this name after the pirate Radio ship Radio Caroline.

Now Infamously both Savile (dead) and ‘UGLY Ray’ Terret (Jailed for 30 years) both DJ’d at this club.

Manchester Beat – Boneyard Bolton