Jimmy Ricks


Oh What A Feeling

His liver is all a quiver, he’s rockin’ and a reeling because of sweet love, then he’s trembling and shaking like an earthquake and he got chills up and down the spine, Love: Oh What A Feeling. But his teeth don’t freeze, and his knees don’t shake, his hearts not like jelly on a plate. But relax JImmy Ricks sings so smoothly on this 45.

This is classified as Northern Soul – well isn’t everything that ever was in Soul now so categorised! We would have put it in the slow ballad category but what do we know.

Jimmy was one time lead singer with the Doo Wop group The Ravens.

He made a great 45 in 1961: Daddy Rolling Stone. Many versions of which have appeared since by a plethora of artists. One worthy of a mention is by Derek Martin.

Jimmy Ricks, The Ravens – Wikipedia