Slim Harpo

Slim Harpo - Baby Scratch My Back

Baby Scratch My Back – / Gonna Miss You like The devil
(Stateside 1965 UK – USA Excello Records)

Shake Your Hips

Slim Harpo’s Baby Scratch My Back was always popular upon the Soul scene even though Slim was a Blues artist who recorded mainline blues. Amongst the tracks he recorded was the original version of I’m A King Bee which the Rolling Stones covered on their first LP. He is almost unique amongst blues artists in having a friendly tone to his voice – it makes you want to shake his hand.

Baby Scratch My Back was given the Otis Redding treatment on the Album Otis Blue.

The track has a superb wailing harmonica intro – once heard never forgotten. Although this type of song had ceased to be heard after the UK Blues boom had ended in 1965 it was still played often at the Twisted Wheel and the Blue Note in Manchester.  Everyone knew the opening lyrics:

‘I know you can do it so baby get to it
Baby Scratch My Back’

Slim Harpo

“What’s the point in listening to us doing I’m a King Bee when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?”
Mick Jagger, 1968

The Kinks recorded Got Love If You Want It so too did the Pretty Things, and they also did Slim Harpo’s Raining in My Heart.

The Moody Blues were called that after Slim Harpo’s  Moody Blues.

In 1969 Slim did a version of Mohair Sam (Charlie Rich 1965) (2302) Excello.

Born 11th January 1924 – Lobdell, Louisiana

Died  31st January 1970 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana