Roger Miller

Chug-a-lug ~ Roger Miller

Dang Me

King Of The Road

Roger Miller songs were often played at the Twisted Wheel Club in Brazennose Street, Manchester by DJ Roger Eagle in the early sixties. There was a whole series of songs by various artists that made it to the playlist which would never be normally associated with a ‘beat’ club. These tracks just fitted in for whatever reason.

The two favourites at the time were Dang Me:

Dang me, dang me,
They ought to take a rope and hang me,
Hang me from the highest treeeeeeee,
Woman don’t you wait for me!

and Chug-a-lug which was mainly a homily to the effects of alcohol.

Roger Miller wrote some brilliant lyrics – maybe he was played in appreciation of this alone.

Born  2nd January 1936 – Fort Worth, Texas

Cause of death: Throat Cancer

Died  25th October 1992

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