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Joey Heatherton - When You Call Me Baby

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When You Call Me Baby 

Is this Soul music? Surely its 1966 derivative pop music, ignored by any sixties Soul scene, but strangely not the 70’s Northern one!

A busty lady, actress and appeared topless in Playboy Mag.

She recorded the 45 When You Call Me Baby in 1966 for DECCA.

How on earth it became a Northern Soul favourite? It must have had something to do with the mysterious mechanics of our minds. Obvious in advertising: repeat often and it becomes embedded in our minds. Same with music. If it also comes from an authoritative source (the DJ, the venue etc)  combined with an acceptable environment and lots of peer pressures (I like it etc) it becomes reinforced.

This is positive reinforcement, a well known mind manipulation technique in psychology.

So you can blame it on the DJ. In this case it was Richard Searling who pushed it. Of course the function is a two way street, the DJ gets prominence for finding it etc (Attention) The collectors like it (its rare because nobody bought it on its release) It can be danced too, so dancers do what dancers do. Its the beat.

Add amphetamines too and you get extra entrainment. But real Soul music is more than all of this, and this ain’t that!

What is not Soul.

Nevertheless: Kev Roberts puts this song in his Top 500 at 309.

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