Frankie Lymon

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - I'm not a Juvenile Delinquent (1956) - HD

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Born 30th September 1942 – Harlem, New York

Died 28th February, 1968 – Harlem, New York

Frankie Lymon was born on30th September  the leader singer of a Doo Wop group The Teenagers. Their first single, Why Do Fools Fall in Love was a gigantic hit and Frankie age 13 became the first black teen idol. He died from abuse of drugs in February 27, 1968. Why do fools destroy their lives with drugs?

In 1957 the single Why Do Fools Fall in Love -became a missive hit. In 1998 a version of his life story was made and the sound track title,by Diana Ross made the song hit all over again.

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