The M – M And The Peanuts

THE M-M & THE PEANUTS - The Phillie


    • Engineered By Doc Siegal
    • Flip Written By Clarence Armstrong & John Coleman
    • Arranged By Arthur Wright & Hank Jacobs
  • Written By Clarence Armstrong

This is a really GREAT record, a new dance, and how about that name, the Originators of M&M’s chocolate coated peanuts!

The other side – I Found My Love

Doo Wop style – great sixties memories.

Open Up Your Eyes – Lil Valley

Great stuff about them @ Doowopheaven

The Question Marks

Question Marks: Ain't That Kinda Sad

Ain’t That kinda Sad

A really slow doo wop style Soul recording by The Question Marks. Definitely an end of the night track.

The Impalas

The Impalas Speed Up

Speed Up
I Ran All The Way Home

The Impalas recorded in the 1950/60’s as a Doo Wop group mixed race. Their track Sorry was a hit and the videos of it show a smooth dance routine similar to how Motown groups performed in later years. A well polished act and fun to watch.

Did Betty Moorer record the original of Speed Up or was it The Impalas?

The Impalas – Wikipedia

The Bop Chords

The Bop Chords - Baby 1957

BABY (1957) Doo Wop

The Bop Chords were founded in 1955 and hailed from Harlem. They were part of the doo wop scene and Baby was one of their best. A real smoochie number to played at the end of the night at any teen dance.

The Bop Chords – Wikipedia

The Arcades

Arcades - There's Got To Be A Loser

There’s Got To Be A Loser

The Arcades take of from the rhythm of I’m The One Who Loves You by the Impressions, very Impressions’ orientated too. But as they say; not bad – not bad at all.

The Ascots

The Ascots - Another Day

Another Day

Another Day by The Ascots is the one that makes it onto the Northern Soul scene positioned at a set of fours: 444 on Kev Roberts Top 500. Originally a Doo Wop group.

A Brother’s Guiding Light – Getting Together

Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together

A Brother’s Guiding Light were a Doo Wop group of the sixties  who released Bless You in 1965 and Getting Together (1973) which is Smooth, smooth Soul of the highest quality.

They were a five piece outfit from Philadelphia who were originally called The Dreamlovers and that’s as much as we can find out.

A Brother's Guiding Light - Getting Together
A Brother’s Guiding Light – Getting Together

A Brother’s Guiding Light – Discog

The Phonetics

Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down / Just A Boy's Dream - Trudel 1007 / 1008 - 1964

Just A Boy’s Dream

Falsetto Doo Wop / Soul by The Phonetics – Excellent. (1964)

Lead singer Willie Hutch.

The Del-Larks

Del-Larks - Job Opening - Pt. 1(For An experienced Heart Mender)

Job Opening

Discovered by who else but Ian Levine this recording is now worth a small fortune but only number 337 on Kev Roberts Top 500. To be honest, not a brilliant record but again, it’s rare!

The Del-Larks started out in 1958 as Sammy and The Del-Larks a Doo Wop group with a stateside hit: REMEMBER THE NIGHT.

Bizarrely, Sammy Campbell, the leader of The Del-Larks and the rest of the group started out singing gospel in the church of Lovelace Watkins who became practically a household name in the UK as a singer, marrying an English bride and eventually settling down just a couple of miles from me in Bamford, Rochdale! He had a son, born in Rochdale, who now lives in the US – Gino Watkins.

The Del-Larks - Job Opening
The Del-Larks – Job Opening
I’ll Never Forget

Heavily influenced by The ‘In’ Crowd another from The Del-Larks, sort of a comedy number.

Sammy And The Del-Larks

Lovelace Watkins – Find A Grave

The Drapers

The Drapers - Your love has gone away - You gotta Look up - Soul.wmv

(I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away (1962)

Sounding very much like a Drifters production backing on this great sounding group, The Drapers.