R & B Scene – Roger Eagle

1964 saw the first ever FANZINE for Blues and Soul music and its artists. R & B Scene – Roger Eagle was started by Roger Eagle, with a little help from his friends. Roger was the eclectic DJ at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel club: the epicentre in the North of England for Mod culture, Blues, R&B … Read more

Brian Smith – Blues photographer

Brian Smith – Blues photographer, was a friend of Roger Eagle and it was Brian who photographed many of the artists appearing at The Twisted Wheel, at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester and other places. The list of photographs of these artists ties in with their performances at ‘The Wheel’ and you can see the … Read more


SOUL CITY MANCHESTER and MUSIC – Manchester’s youth, the Soul Mods started the appreciation of Black American music in the city in the 1960s,  mainly emerging from The twisted Wheel Club and its influential DJ Roger Eagle. Elton John in Bluesology appeared backing many Stateside artists and later said you had to make it in … Read more

Roger Eagle – Twisted Wheel DJ

Roger Eagle was the most memorable and enigmatic of the DJs who worked at The Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester in the sixties. Although he started out as a blues and R ‘n B expert, over the years he became an influence on many music spheres. Roger Eagle created R ‘n B Scene Magazine In … Read more