Donna Summer

Best Songs of Donna Summer - Full Album Donna Summer NEW Playlist 2022

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I Feel Love
Last Dance

Donna Summer was the Queen of Soul Disco. She released some unforgettable disco tracks which have become immortal. She died of lung cancer at the age of 63. It is thought she may have caught the disease from inhaling asbestos from the 9/11 explosions. She had a New York Apartment close to Ground Zero.

Donna Summers Obituary

Wikipedia: Donna Summers

Creme d’Cocoa

Creme D'Cocoa - Doin' The Dog

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Doin’ The Dog
Disco Strut

Creme d’Cocoa was founded in 1978 with an amalgam of The Ebonys and The Ambassadors. Their biggest hit was Doin’ The Dog. The intro contains every disco technique you’ve ever heard.

Wikipedia: Creme d’Cocoa

Maryan Farra and Satin Soul

Maryann Farra & Satin soul - Stoned out of my mind (1976) Vinyl

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Stoned Out Of My Mind

Maryan Farra and Satin Soul were a seven piece disco group in the seventies.

Jean Carne

Jean Carne - Don't Let It Go To Your Head

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Don’t Let It Go To Your Head (1978)

Jean Carne

Vaneese & Carolyn

VANEESE & CAROLYN "Goodbye Song"

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The Goodbye Song (1978)

Vaneese & Carolyn

The Javells with Nosmo King

The Javells Feat. Nosmo King - Goodbye Nothing To Say

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Goodbye Nothin’ To Say (1974)

Positioned at 424 on Kev Roberts Top 500.

Great bouncy pop Soul from The Javells with Nosmo King

Later remade by several artists including Maxine Nightingale as

Right Back Where We Started From

The Futures

Futures - Party Time Man (NORTHERN SOUL)

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Party Time Man (1978)

That Philadelphia Disco –  Soul sound.

Ain’t No Time Fa Nothin’
Party Time Man

1978 Philadelphia Soul with a little disco by The Futures.

Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited "Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love" 1972 My Extended Version!

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Walking In The Rain (1972)

Great arrangement and production and written by the big man himself Mr Barry White, performed by Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited - Picture Sleeve - Soulbot

Barry White Saved My Life And Got Me Back With My Ex-Wife – from Fun Lovin’ Criminals, sums it all up regarding the sexy voice and style of Barry’s music. Its GREAT MUSIC but too popular to be Northern Soul.

It May Be Winter Outside
Love Is Back Love Unlimited CD

And here: is BARRY WHITE

Wikipedia: Love Unlimited