Martin Luther King

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee in 1968. The location was the Lorraine Motel outside room 306 – where Steve Cropper wrote numerous hit songs for Stax Records. A New film SELMA tells the story of the Freedom Marchers.

On Gordy (Motown) it was Liz Lands that sang “We Shall Overcome” at Dr King’s meetings.

FBI and CIA black listed. Dr King was a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and a personal friend of Al Bell – producer of STAX Records. There is no doubt that the civil rights movement in America was intimately connected with soul music – lyrics became an important part of the protest which tool place against the segregation and lack of rights of African Americans. The same was true later with the effects of the Vietnam war, particularly when it was realised that although African Americans formed 5% of the American armed forces in that conflict, the mortality rate was around 28%.  Now with the emergence of Barack Obama as President of the United States, it appears that Soul music is undergoing a revival. Obama used ‘CHANGE’ as his election theme and used  Sam Cooks song – – A Change Is Gonna Come – as his musical theme. Although the family of Sam got Obama restrained from using it, what did they know that we didn’t – oh yes it turned out he was just another darker skinned white President working for the rich folks!

Its a disgrace to the Peace prize folks, downgrading their prize; that they issue one to the likes of War – warmongering politicians like Obama and that other Master of War Tony Blair. – a personal comment...

Dr King

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mods and Civil Rights

An Act Of State – is the book by W.F. Pepper about the exposure of a conspiracy to kill Dr King

Dr King was:

Born January 15 , 1929 Atlanta Georgia.

Assassinated 4, April 1968, Memphis Tennessee.

The Martin Luther King Center and a boulevard in Atlanta is named after him.

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