Wilbert Harrison


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KANSAS CITY (no1. USA 1959)
Let’s Stick Together – Sue, 1964

Wilbert Harrison went to Savoy Records New York after a while in Miami and recorded Kansas City in 1957. A big hit in the USA, later played repeatedly by Roger the Wheel DJ, and of course covered by The Beatles as well as most of the live bands playing in the early sixties. As well as performing the vocals, Wilbert played piano on this number.

Wilbert Harrison had a minor hit with Let’s Work Together. Canned Heat had a bigger hit with it years later but it was Roxy Music that had the biggest hit of the lot. Poor Wilbert! Chances are he didn’t make a bean.

Kansas City was written by Leiber & Stoller

Wikipedia: Wilbert Harrison

Born 5th January 1929 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Died 26th October 1994 – Spencer, North Carolina