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    1. I loved the blue note, think I went there after the wheel moved to Whitworth St, remember Pat Dempsey being there as I was involved prior to that with the Meads fan club. Loved the music and still do, wish I could remember more details just a great time to be young

      1. Thanks for your comments, Lynne. All happened a long time ago but sweet to remember it now and again.

        Bob Cummings

    2. I when’t to the blue note with Graham Porter, little Lou Costello, Ray Massey,Brian Moores Les James,I also when’t out with Monica Samuels, you have got her down as mosside but she lived in Hulme. I also did go to the wheel Brazenose St. and Whitworth street, the Jigsaw In Cromford court, Stax, Manor Lounge Stockport, the Mask Stockport , Oasis round the back of the old wheel, Sinking Ship under bank , under Stockport express building, Tabernacle ,Sg Peppers, coffe Bars when on Scooter.
      the Cona Tib St Swinging Door Didsbury, Chey Freds Stockport, the capricio stockport, I also know Penny and Steve Wild thats his Sister they Had a Shop in Cheadle Hulme, I still go to The new wheel Pete Roberts runs it I go to dance ,
      I know a lot about the old mod scene it real’y needs recording.
      I would not mind hearing from anybody out there Monica and Jimmy Riddle he was Norman Atkinsons mate he bought My Record collection and was DJ at Top of the town
      That’s Steve Rydell. anyway Good luck Robo

      1. Happy memories Dave! Monica was beautiful, Jimmy Riddle had a mate with an Austin Westminster and we used to go to The Boat House in Chester on a Sunday night. I drove my Sunbeam Rapier on remould tyres whilst Jimmy and his pals were sat in luxury. How we survived I am not totally sure. Where is the Twisted Wheel scene run that you mention?


  1. The new wheel is every second sunday and the last sunday of the month at alter ego
    on princess street about 50 meters up from the union pub it is a gay club on other days but is just dedicated to the wheel on those days 3 pm till 8 pm if you go on youtube and put in last days of the wheel you will see how many people are now going about 10 times more people than in the sixty’s, the current wheel people go in the union for a drink first or munroes on Picadily Paul Davies the last wheel Dj from the sixty’s has shown up a few Times. do you live in the Stockport area has jim lived in
    the Bredbury area is he still around his mate Norman also came from Bredbury but he died about fifteen years ago, and I don’t know about Monica, Les james one of the blue Note Dj s is dead, Brian moores sometimes was Dj I see him all the time he is into scooters, I had a lot of respect in the blue note having a black girl friend she was something special and got her picture in one of the national newspapers has a pinup the heading was sun girl from St kitts ,I live in Marple if I find out anything of interest I will send on good luck Dave Robo

  2. Hi all you old timers, I was talking to Dave the other day about this site ( found it while looking for another “Note” site that i’d left a list of mates names on about 5/6 years ago ) A couple of names i’d forgotten at that time but are on this site are Penny and Steve, got caught necking with Penny at a party above their shop by my date at the time and now my long suffering wife, Jill, enough of that. Lots of memories of Steve dj-ing at the Bull in Mottram St. Andrew – a few Ford Anglias’ and of course Dave’s Spitfire on the car park. Did I mention once, no transport to get to the Note – borrowed the old man’s Morris Minor van while he was asleep. Anyway enough rambling by me. Great times and great fun. I have found the other site and am trying to copy to here.
    Some members names that I can remember, a lot lost to the time bandit:
    Graham Porter (me ) Dave Robinson, both of us at “The Wheel” Sunday afternoon, 9/10/11 – no back drops though.
    Les James ( dj god bless him, sadly passed away to that soul music in the sky ) ps hopefully Air Tours got him there safely.
    Brian Moores, another disc spinner and his wife Julie.
    Jim Delaney, Little Louie from Hillgate, Ray Massey from Cheadle, Jon Jackson and ex wife Val, still see Val with Brian and Julie.
    Dave Hallam, god that man could do ” the james brown ” See you’ve posted on here previously Dave, get in touch mate we all thought you were in jail somewhere abroad.
    Vague memories of a colossal 6ft+ guy called “bones” from Wythenshawe and his mate Paul and a bus load of people who I never got to know.
    Also remember getting rolled one night for ten bob and Les James dragging us all out of the club, phoning round M/C for other members to meet in a cafĂ© near Top of the Town and never returned to “The Note” again.
    So many more people who not only loved the Note and the Wheel but Manchester in general.
    Who remembers all the other places? Very fond and brilliant memories.
    Posted 17/10/11

    1. Forgot to mention the other Blue Note site can be found in the Manchesterbeat sit, just follow the links. see ya!

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