The Trashmen

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Surfin’ Bird – Stateside, 1964

The Bird Bird Bird The Bird Is The Word, The Bird Bird Bird The Surfin’ Bird.

The Trashmen – It came out in 1963 in the USA and early in 64′ was released in Britain: Yes The Trashmen’s version drove many people barmy but in the early sixties at clubs like the Twisted wheel it made people dance like crazy until they got totally fed up with it.

If you remember The Rivingtons’  Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow and The Bird Is The Word well you’ll get the idea… these guys just mixed them together.

DL - Blue Note Club
Dave Lomas

Dave Lomas the Blue Note DJ (Manchester 1968) used to play it – it cleared the dance-floor… worse still he used to burst out into singing it on multiple occasions, anywhere just like Peter Griffin:

Whoever makes the TV Show Family Guy knows all about “Surfin Bird” as they used it as a series of mad scenes in FAMILY GUY. It’ Peter Giffin’s Favourite Song of All Time!