The Pointer Sisters – An exciting act!

Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back

I’m So Excited
Slow Hand
Send Him Back

Simply fabulous records by The Pointer Sisters. They are simply brilliant, and Send Him Back is the one from their great repertoire that makes it on the Northern Soul scene at 89 on that Kev Roberts Top 500.

The Pointer Sisters’ music covers so many differing genres, it’s no surprise that one of their songs is regarded as northern soul. Some of their numbers are still played regularly today, I’m So Excited being a really popular dance track.

The Pointer Sisters
The Pointer Sisters

The group consisted of three genuine sisters, June, Ruth and Anita. Anita passed away on Saturday, 31st December 2022. Bonnie, who left the group in 1978 to go solo, died in 2020 and June died in 2006. Ruth Pointer is still with us.

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The Pointer Sisters - Fire
The Pointer Sisters – Fire

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