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Run Baby Run

It was knowing they were white and that awful but popular song Bread and Butter that put us off these The Newbeats at the time in 1965. Yes as Soul Mods at that time we only recognized black artists in the main as being legitimate Soul singers. But of course with hindsight its a silly elitist view of things that blind you to the value of things. This type of selection or rejection of things based from a certain adopted ‘attitude’ is a sort of fault in human mentality; we all suffer from from time to time; PHEW!

Having said that The Northern scene adopted this record and Kev Roberts puts it into his Top 500 at position 355. However in that entry in his book he claims that Run Baby Run was accepted and that everyone wanted it – this is very far from correct – see above.

The lead voice (falsetto) in the group – Larry Henley – did a solo and this was another that the later-day Northern Soul scene adopted: Crying My Heart Out.