The Impressions – People Get Ready

"People Get Ready" The Impressions

Do yourself a favour stay here a while and play all these tracks by The Impressions: you will then appreciate why the Soul Mods of Manchester in the 60’s just loved The Impressions.

The Impressions were a big favourite at the Twisted Wheel and Blue Note, all their singles, many ‘B’ sides and a lot of their LP tracks were played, hardly a session at the clubs would pass without at least one track from them. It’s All Right, I Can’t Satisfy and You’ve Been Cheatin’ are the seminal sounds of the ‘Wheel’ Allnighter during its heyday era 1965 -68. What made their music stand out in the golden age of soul was that we used to sing their songs! It was not unusual for half a dozen or so mods to be walking down the street singing `You must belieeeeve me, no matter what the people may say’. I don’t think this still happens today does it? Curtis Mayfield went on to become one of the smoothest and greatest soul artists ever – a wonderful talent as both a singer and song writer.  Kev Roberts puts The Impressions 45 You’ve Been Cheatin’ in at 83 on his Top 500.

The Impressions - People Get Ready
The Impressions – People Get Ready

The influence of gospel and  spiritual music echoes throughout the wonderful harmonies present in the soulful music of The Impressions. Curtis Mayfield’s songs were indeed the musical backdrop to the struggle for black equality in the USA… and it’s still going on today….AMEN.

Soulful Love- Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions

I’m not normally a fan of cover versions, I like originals. But the version of People Get Ready by Aretha franklin – well that’s pretty fantastic.

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