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Stateside Records released a catalogue of great RnB and Soul tracks in the 1960’s including many of Tamla Motown’s earlier releases.

An example EP shown here is from an RnB collection: CHART MAKERS, with some very rare tracks (especially Eddie Holland).


A label owned by EMI that released lots and lots of Soul records into the U.K. in the 1960’s.

Many Tamla Motown 45’s were on this label long before Motown had its own UK label.

Chuck Jackson’s: ‘Any Day Now’, The Tams: ‘Untie Me’, The Chiffons: He’s So Fine’, Roscoe Gordon: ‘Just A Little Bit’, Lee Dorsey: ‘Ride Your Pony’ just a sample of the various USA label artists that were released in England on the great Stateside label.

Dean Parish’s ‘Determination’ was just one HUGE soul track at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel the birth of Northern Soul owes much to Stateside Records.

A UK Hit for the Invitations

A FULL list of ALL the UK Stateside singles (45’s) can be found here:

‘What’s Wrong With Me Baby’ by The Invitations was such a huge hit on the early Northern Soul scene in Manchester that when they were touring the country, amazingly calling themselves ‘The Drifters’! after making their recording and releasing it (originally on the Dyno-Voice label USA) Stateside – SS 478 UK, they had to switch back to being The Invitations.

Motown – on Stateside

Stateside released TAMLA MOTOWN recordings before it linked up with EMI UK to release on the TAMLA MOTOWN Label in the UK

I Feel Good (All Over)
Betty Lavette

Simply a M A S S I V E hit at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester in 67′.

The club had moved across town to Whitworth Street.

This 45 rocked the walls and shook the floors and they were concrete!

That’s What I Want To Know
James Carr

Before Betty Lavette had us shakin’ it was this brilliant piece of black vinyl that made its incessant beat force our tapping feet and we had to dance.
This was the ‘B’ side of the Stateside release ‘Baby You Got My Mind Messed Up’ the DJ Roger Eagle at The Twisted Wheel turned it over to keep the dancing hot.

Bunker Hill

Named after the Civil War Battle of Bunker Hill! this crazy record was popular for a time at the first Twisted Wheel club in Manchester.

It just goes to show how switched on to the black American R&B scene that the ‘Wheel’ DJ was.

‘Hide & Go Seek’ had some great lyrics easily keeping up with the tongue twisters of Shirley Ellis.

Long After The All- Nighter was over
we were still singing this!

Jimmy Radcliffe’s great Soul song ‘Long After Tonight Is All Over’
This was most always the last record to be played at the Saturday All-Nighters at the Twisted Wheel.

The Sharpees
Tired Of Being Lonely

Never could you be tired of this.

In fact this record was first played at the ‘Wheel’ on an imported piece of vinyl:

On the One-Derful USA label; a stable mate to the records we had from Alvin Cash.

It became so popular that the song was re-released in England on the President label.


Part 11962-1964 SS 102 Chuck Jackson Any Day Now/The Prophet
SS 103 Jimmy Soul Twisin’ Matilda/I Can Hold Out Any Longer
SS 112 Isley Brothers Twist And Shout/Spanish Twist
SS 114 Don Gardener & I Need Your Loving/Tell Me
Dee Dee Ford
SS 119 The Shirells Welcome Home Baby/Here Comes The Bride
SS 121 Jerry Butler Make It Easy On Yourself/It’s Too Late
SS 126 Bobby Lewis I’m Tossin’ & Turnin’ Around/Nothin’ But The Blues
SS 127 Chuck Jackson I’ll Keep Forgettin’/Who’s Gonna Pick Up The Pieces
SS 129The Shirells Stop The Music/It’s Love That Really Counts
SS 131 Don Gardener & Don’t You Worry/I’m Coming Home To Stay
Dee Dee Ford
SS 132Isley Brothers Twistin’ With Linda/I Can’t Hold You Any Longer
SS 133 The Jive Five What Time Is It/Begging You Please
SS 140 Little Esther Phillips Release Me/Don’t Feel Rained On
SS 142 Les Cooper & Wiggle Wobble/Dig Yourself
the Soul Rockers
SS 146 The Tams Untie Me/Dissillusioned
SS 150Gabriel & Angels That’s Life/Don’t Wanna Twist No More
SS 152 The Shirelles Everybody Loves A Lover/I Don’t Think So
SS 153 The Earls Remember Then/Let’s Waddle
SS 157 Dionne Warwick Don’t Make Me Over/I Smiled Yesterday
SS 158 Jerry Butler You can Run/I’m The One
SS 170 Jerry Butler You Go Right Through Me/The Wishing Star
SS 171 Chuck Jackson Tell Him I’m Not Home/Getting Ready For The heartbreak
SS 172 The Chiffons He’s So Fine/Oh My Lover
SS 178 Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy/Don’t Release Me
SS 180 Dee Clark I’m A Soldier Boy/Shook Up All Over
SS 181 The Shirells Foolish Little Girl/Not For All The Money
SS 182 The Furys Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/Never More
SS 184 Harmonica Fats Tore Up/Get So Tired
SS 185 Gene Chandler Rainbow/You Threw A Lucky Punch
SS 188 Maxine Brown Ask Me/Yesterday Kisses
SS 191 Dionne Warwick Wishin’ & Hopin’/This Empty Place
SS 195 Jerry Butler Whatever You Want/You Won’t Be Sorry
SS 198 The Four Pennies My Block/Dry Your Eyes
SS 202 The Chiffons One Fine Day/Why Am I So Shy
SS 203 John Lee Hooker Boom Boom/Frisco Blues
SS 204 Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit/What I would’t Do
SS 205 Jimmy Reed Shame Shame Shame/Let’s Get Together SS 206 The Five Du-Tones  Shake A Tail Feather/Divorce Court
SS 213 The Shirells Don’t Say Goodnight/I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
SS 218 Isley Brothers Nobody But Me/I’m Laughing To Keep From Crying
SS 223 The Sapphires Where Is Johnny Now/Your True Love
SS 224 The Swans He’s Mine/You Better Be A Good Girl Now
SS 227 The Jaynetts Sally Go Round The Roses/Insrumental
SS 228 Martha/Vanellas Heatwave/Love Like Yours
SS 230 The Chiffons A Love So Fine/Only My Friend
SS 232 The Shirells What Does A Girl Do/Don’t Let It Happen To Us
SS 238 Little Stevie Wonder Workout Stevie Workout/Monkey Talk
SS 242 Mary Wells You Lost The Sweetest Boy/What’s Easy For Two
SS 243 Marvin Gaye Can I Get A Witness/I’m Crazy About My Baby
SS 250 Martha/Vandellas Quicksand/Darling I HumOur Song
SS 251 The Marvelettes As Long As I Know He’s Mine/Little Girl Blue
SS 252 Jerry Butler Need To Belong To Someone/Give Me Your Love
SS 254 The Chiffons I Have A Boyfriend/I’m Gonna Dry My Eyes
SS 257 The Supremes When The Lovelight Starts Shinning Through His Eyes/
Standing At The Crosroads Of Love
SS 259 Betty Everett You/re No Good/Chained to your love
SS 263 The Miracles I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying/Such Is Love
SS 267 The Sapphires Who Do You Love/Oh So Soon
SS 268 The Hearts Dear Baby/Instrumental
SS 272 Martha/Vandellas Live Wire/Old Love
SS 273 The Marvelettes He’s A Good Guy/Goddess Of Love
SS 274 Jimmy Soul I HateYou Baby/Change Partners
SS 275 Brother Jack McDuff Sanctified Samba/Whistle While You Work
SS 277 Lazy Lester I’m A Lover Not A Fighter/Sugar Coated Love
SS 278 The Temptations The Way You Do The Things/Just Let Me Know
SS 280 Betty Everett The Shoop Shoop Song/Hands Off
SS 282 The Miracles The Man In You/Heartbreak Road
SS 284Marvin Gaye You’re A Wonderful One/When I’m Alone I cry
SS 285 Little Stevie Wonder Castles In The Sand/Thank You
SS 288 Mary WellsMy Guy/Oh Little Boy
SS 294 The Reflections Romeo & Juliet/Can’t Tell By The Look
SS 297 John Lee Hooker Dimples/I’m Leaving
SS 299 The Contours Can You Do It/I’ll Stand By You
SS 300 Jerry Butler Giving Up On Love/I’ve Been Trying
SS 304 Jimmy Whitherspoon Evenin’/Money Is Gettin’ Cheaper
SS 305 Martha/Vandellas In My Lonely Room/A Tear For A Girl
SS 307 Brenda Holloway Every Little Bit Hurts/Land OfA Thousand Boys
SS 309 The Royaltones Our Faded Love/Holy Smokes
SS 316 Marvin Gaye & Once Upon A Time/What’s The Matter With You Baby
Mary Wells
SS 319 The Temptations I’ll Be In Trouble/The Girls Alright With Me
SS 321 Betty Everett I Can’t Here You/Can I Get To Know You
SS 322 Patty & The Emblems Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/Ordinary Guy
SS 323 Stevie Wonder Hey Harmonica Man/This Little Girl
SS 324 The Miracles I Like It Like That/You’re So Fine And Sweet
SS 325 Jimmy Whitherspoon I Never Will Marry/I’m Coming Down With Thw Blues
SS 326 Marvin Gaye Try It Baby/If My Heart Could Sing
SS 327 The Supremes Where Did Our Love Go/He Means The World To Me
SS 330 Jimmy Reed Shame Shame Shame/Let’s Go Together
SS 331 Gene Chandler Just Be True/Song Called Soul
SS 332 The Chiffons Sailor Boy/When Summer’s Through
SS 334 The Marvelettes You’re My Remedy/A Little Bit Of Sympathy
SS 335 Prince Buster 30 Pieces Of Silver/Everbody Ska
SS 336 The Four Tops Boby I need Your Loving/Call On Me
SS 339 Betty Everett & Let It Be Me/Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
Jerry Butler
SS 340 Little Richard Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On/Goodnight Irene
Stateside Records Listing 2 1964-1966
Stateside Records Listing 3 1966-1972
Part 21964-1966 SS 341 John Lee Hooker I Love You Honey/Send Me Your Pillow
SS 342 Jimmy Cliff One-Eyed Jack/King Of Kings
SS 345 Marths/Vandellas Dancing In The Street/There He Is (At My Door)
SS 348 The Temptations Why You Wanna Make Me Blue/Baby I Need You
SS 350 The Supremes Baby Love/Ask Any Girl
SS 362 Glady’s Knight & Pips Lover’s Always Forgive/Another Love
SS 352 The Miracles That’s What Love Is Made Of/Would I Love You
SS 355 Dee Clark Heartbreak/Warm Summer Breeze
SS 357 Earl Van Dyke Soul Stomp/Hot’N’Tot
SS 359 Kim Weston A Little More Love/Go Ahead And Laugh
SS 360 Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is(To Be Loved By You)/Forever
SS 361 The Velvelettes Needle In A Haystack/Should I Tell Them
SS 362 Jimmy Witherspoon You’re Next/Happy Blues
SS 363 Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston What Good Am I Without You/I Want You Around
SS 364 Gene Chandler Bless Our Love/London Town
SS 369 The Marvelettes Too Many Fish In The Sea/A Need For Love
SS 371 The Four Tops Without The One You Love/Love Has Gone
SS 372 Mary Wells Ain’t It The Truth/Stop Takin’ Me For Granted
SS 374 Jimmy Radcliffe Long After Tonight Is All Over/What I Want
SS 376 The Supremes Come See About Me/Always In My Heart
SS 377 The Miracles Come On Do The Jerk/Baby Don’t You Go
SS 378 The Temptations My Girl/Nobody But My Baby
SS 381 The Contours Can You Jerk Like Me/That Day When She Needed Me
SS 383Martha & Vandellas Wild One/Dancing Slow
SS 384 Carolyn Crawford When Someone’s Good To You/My Heart
SS 386 Alvin Cash Twine Time/The Bump
SS 387 The Velverlettes He Was Really Sayin’ Something/Throw A Farewell Kiss
SS 388 Gene Chandler What Now/If You Can’t Be True
SS 394 Tony Martin Talking To Your Picture/ Our Rhapsody
SS 396 Mary Wells Use Your Head/Everlovin’Boy
SS 399 Sammy Ambrose Monkey See Monkey Do/Welcombe To Dreamsville
SS 400 Dee Clark T.C.B./It’s Impossible
SS 401 Gene Chandler You Can’t Hurt Me Know More/Everybody Let’s Dance
SS 402 Charlie Gracie He’ll Never Love You Like I Do/Keep Your Heart Next
To Your Heart
SS 403 Cannibal And The  Land Of 1000 Dances/I’ll Show You How To Love Me
SS 404 Joe Lee Wilson Blues For Mister Charlie/Part 2
SS 406 The Reflections Poor Mans Son/Comin’ At You
SS 407 The Ikettes Peaches and Cream/The Biggest Players
SS 413 The Three Degrees Gee Baby (I’m Sorry)/Do What You’re Supposed To
SS 415 Mary Wells Never Never Leave Me/Why Don’t You Let Yourself Go
SS 419 Marie Knight Cry Me A River/Comes The Knight
SS 425 Gene Chandler Nothing Can Stop Me/The Big Lie
SS 429 Jimmy Witherspoon Come And Walk With Me/Oh How I Love You
SS 434 The Ikettes (He’s Gonna Be Fine)Fine Fine Fine/How Come
SS 437 The Chiffons Nobody Knows What’s Goin’ On In My Mind/The Real Thing
SS 439 Mary Wells He’s A Lover/I’m Learning
SS 441 Lee Dorsey Ride Your Pony/The Kitty Kat Song
SS 450 Big Dee Irwin You Satisfy My Needs/I Wanna Stay Right Here
SS 453 The Invitations Hallelujah/Written On The Wall
SS 455 Ernestine Anderson Somebody Told Me/How Many Times
SS 456 Mickey Lee Lane Hey Sah-Lo-Ney/Of Yesterday
SS 458 Gene Chandler Good Times/No One Can Love You (Like I Do)
SS 459 The Three Degrees Gotta Draw The Line/Close Your Eyes
SS 460 The Toys A Lover’s Concerto/This Night
SS 461 Jimmy Witherspoon Love Me Right/Make This Heart OfMine Smile Again
SS 463 Mary Wells Me Without You/I’m Sorry
SS 465 Lee Dorsey Work Work Work/Can You Hear Me
SS 474 Clara Ward Gonna Build A Mountain/God Bless The Child
SS 475 Betty Harris What A Sad Feeling/I’m Evil Tonight
SS 477 Little Eva Stand By Me/That’s My Man
SS 478 The Invitations What’s Wrong With My Baby/Why Did My Baby Turn
SS 479 George Stone Hole In The Wall/My Beat
SS 481 Mitch Ryder Jenny Take A Ride/Baby Jane
SS 482 Christine Quaite Long After Tonight Is All Over/I’m Hoping
SS 483 The Toys Attack/See How They Run
SS 485 Lee Dorsey Get Out Of My LifeWoman/So Long
SS 487 Clyde McPhatter Everybody’s Someboby’s Fool/I Belong To You
SS 488 Bob Kuban & the In-Men The Cheater/Try Me Baby
SS 489 The C.O.D.s Michael/Cry No More
SS 491 Slim Harpo Baby Scratch My Back/I’m Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
SS 495 The Sharpees Tired Of Being Lonely/Just To Please You
SS 500 Gene Chandler Fool For You/Buddy Ain’t It A Shame
SS 502The Toys May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone/On Backstreet
SS 503 Jimmy Witherspoon If There Wasn’t Any You/I Never Thought I’d See The Day
SS 504 The Van Dykes No Man Is An Island/I Won’t Hold It Against You
SS 505 Jay W. King I’m So Affaid/I Don’t Have To Worry
SS 506 Lee Dorsey Confusion/Neighbour’s Daughter
SS 507 James Carr Baby You Got My Mind Messed Up/That’s What I Want To Know
SS 508 Little Richard Holy Mackeral/Baby Doncha Want A Man Like Me
SS 511 The Platters I Love You A 100 Times/Hear No Evil Speak No Evil
SS 512 The Chiffons Sweet Talkin’ Guy/Did You Ever Go Steady
SS 514 Bob Kuban & the In-Men The Teaser/All I Want
SS 516 Rufus Lumley I’m Standing/Let’s Hide Away
SS 519 The Toys Siver Spoon/Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby
SS 521 Mitch Ryder Breakout/I Need Help
SS 525 The Buena Vista Hot Shot/TNT
SS 527 Slim Harpo Shake Your Hips/Midnight Blues
SS 528 Lee Dorsey Working In A Coalmine/Mexico
SS 530 The Van Dykes I’ve Got To Go On Withourt You/What Will I Do
SS 531 Dean Parrish Tell Her/Fall On Me
SS 533 The Chiffons Out Of This World/Just A Boy
SS 534 James Carr Sweet Dreams/Good Humour Man
SS 536 Darrell Banks Open The Door To Your Heart/Our Love
SS 539 The Toys Baby Toy/Happy Birthday Broken Heart
SS 543 Alvin Cash & Registers The Philly Freeze/No Deposits No Returns
SS 544 Mighty Sam Fannie Mae/Badmouthin’
SS 545 James Carr Pouring Water On A Drowning Man/Forgetting You
SS 547 James & Bobby Purify I’m Your Puppet/So Many Reasons
SS 549 Mitch Ryder Devil With The Blue Dress/So Many Reasons
SS 550 Dean Parrish  Determination/Turn On Your Love Light
SS 551 Ike & Tina TurnerGoodbye So Long/Hurt Is All You Gave Me
SS 552 Lee Dorsey Holy Cow/Operation Heartache
Stateside Records Listing 1 1962-1964
Stateside Records Listing 3 1966-1972
Part 31966-1972 SS 555 Gloria Jones Finders Keepers/Run One Flight Of Stairs
SS 556 Inex & Charlie Foxx No Stranger To Love/Come By Here
SS 557 Slim Harpo I’m A King Bee/I Got Love If You Want It
SS 559 The Chiffons Stop Look And Listen/March
SS 563 The Verginia Wolves Stay/B.L.T.
SS 565 The Emperrors Karate/T’ve Got Have Her
SS 566 Percy Milem Crying Baby, Baby, Baby/Call On Me
SS 567 Clyde McPhatter A Shot Of Rythm And Blues/I’m Not Going To Work Today
SS 568 The Platters I’ll Be Home/You’ve Got The Magic Touch
SS 569 Ella Fitzgerald These Boots Are Made For Walking/Stardust
SS 578 The Chiffons My Boyfriend’s Back/I Got Plenty Of Nottin’
SS 579 Larry Banks I Don’t Wanna Do It/I’m Comimg Home
SS 580 Dean Parrish The Skate parts 1 & 2
SS 581 Slim Harpo I’m Your Breadmaker/Loving You
SS 584 Aaron Neville Tell It Like It Is/Why Worry
SS 585 Sammie John Little John/Boss Bag
SS 586 Inex & Charlie Foxx Tightrope/My Special Prayer
SS 591 Eddie Jeferson Some Other Time/When You Look In The Mirror
SS 592 Clyde McPhatter Lavender Lace/Sweet And Inocent
SS 593 Lee Dorsey Rain Rain Go Away/Gotta Find A Job
SS 594 Fascinations Girls Are Out To Get You/You’ll Be Sorry
SS 595 James & Bobby Purify Wish You Did’nt Have To Go/You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
SS 596 Mitch Rider Sock It To Me Baby/Never Had It Better
SS 2001 James Carr The Dark End Of The Street/Loveable Girl
SS 2002 The Vontastics Lady Love/When My Baby Comes Back Home
SS 2005 Johnny Thunder & Make Love To Me/Teach Me Tonight
Ruby Winters
SS 2006 Vernon Garrett If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time/You & Me Together
SS 2007 The Platters With This Ring/If I Had A Love
SS 2009 Mary Love Lay This Burden Down/Think It Over Baby
SS 2015 Betty Lavette I Feel Good All Over/Only Your Love Ca Save Me
SS 2016 James & Bobby Purify Shake A Tail Fether/Goodness Gracious
SS 2017 Lee Dorsey My Old Car/Why Wait Until Tomorrow
SS 2023 Mitch Ryder Too Many Fish In The Sea/One Grain Of Sand
SS 2024 Spencer Wiggins Uptight Good Woman/Anything You Do Is Alright
SS 2025 Gary U.S. Bonds Sebd Her To Me/Workin’ For My Baby
SS 2026 Vernon Garrett Shine It On/Things Are Looking Better
SS 2030 Hoagy Lands The Next In Line/Please Don’t Talk About Me
SS 2033 Oscar Toney jnr. For Your Precious Love/Ain’t That True Love
SS 2037 Mitch Ryder Joy/I’d Rather Go To Jail
SS 2038 James Carr Let It Happen/A Losing Game
SS 2039 James & Bobby Purify I Take What I Want/Sixteen Tons
SS 2042 The Platters Washed Ashore/What Name Shall I Give You
SS 2045 Betty Harris Nearer To You/12 Red Roses
SS 2046 Oscar Toney jnr. Turn On Your Love Light/Any Day Now
SS 2048 The Esquires Get On Up/Listen To Me
SS 2049 James & Bobby Purify Let Love Come Between Us/I Don’t Want To Have To Wait
SS 2052 James Carr I’m A Fool For You/Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
SS 2053 The Incredibles There’s Nothing Else To Say Baby/Heart And Soul
SS 2055 Lee Dorsey Go-Go Girl/I Can Hear You Callin’
SS 2057The Soul Survivors Expressway To Your Heart/Hey Gyp
SS 2058 Linda Carr Everything/Trying To Be Good To You
SS 2059 Moses & Joshua  Dillard My Elusive Dream/What’s Better Than Love
SS 2061 Oscar Toney jnr. You Can Lead Your Woman To The Alter/Unlucky Guy
SS 2063 Mitch Ryder What Now My Love/Blessing In Disguise
SS 2065 Baltimore & Ohio Lapland/Condition Red Marching Band
SS 2067 The Platters Sweet Sweet Lovin’/Sonata
SS 2071 Ray Charles Yesterday/Never Had Enough Of Nothing Yet
SS 2073 The O’Jays I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/I Dig Yor Act
SS 2076 Mighty Sam When She Touches Me/Just Like Old Times
SS 2077 The Esquires And Get Away/Everybody’s Laughing
SS 2079 Al Green Back Up Train/Don’t Leave Me
SS 2083 The Impressions We’re A Winner/You’ve Got Me Running
SS 2085 Hoagy Lands I’m Yours/Only You
SS 2087 Troy Keyes Love Explosions/I’m Cryin’ (Inside)
SS 2088 Bobbi Lynn Earthquake/Opportunity Street
SS 2090 Ruby Winter I Want Action/Better
SS 2092 Tyrone Davis What If A Man/Bet You Win
SS 2093 James & Bobby Purify Do Unto Me/Everyboby Needs Somebody
SS 2094 The Soul Survivors Explosion (In Your Soul)/Dathon’s Theme
SS 2099 Ray Charles That’s A Lie/Go On Home
SS 2110 Kenny Chandler Beyond Love/Charity
SS 2111 Mary Wells The Doctor/Two Lover’s History
SS 2112 B.B.King Paying THe Cost To Be The Boss/Having My Say
SS 2113 Florence Ballard It Doesn’t Matter How I Say It/Goin’ Out Of My Head
SS 2114 Jean Carter No Good Jim/And None
SS 2115 The Fashions I.O.U(A Life Time Of Love)/When Love Slips Away
SS 2120 Ray Charles Eleanor Rigby/Understanding
SS 2123 The Tams Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy/That Same Old Song
SS 2126 The O’Kaysions Girl Watcher/Deal Me In
SS 2128 Della Reese It Was A Very Good Year/I Had To Know My Way
SS 2132 Ray Charles Sweet Young Thing You/Listen They’re Playing My Song
SS 2135 Mary Love The Hurt Is JustBeginning/If You Change
SS 2137 The Valentinos Tired Of Being Nobody/The Death Of Love
SS 2139 The Impressions  Can’t Satisfy/You’ve Been Cheating
SS 2140 The Meters Sophisticated Cissy/Sehorn’s Farms
SS 2141 B.B.King Don’t Waste My Time/Get Myself Somebody
SS 2149 Troy Keyes Love Explosions/I’m Cryin’ (Inside)
SS 2150 The Platters With This Ring/If I Had A Love
SS 2155 Ray Charles We Can Make It/I can’t Stop Loving You Baby
SS 2160 Eddie Holman (Hey There) Lonely Girl/It’s All In The Game
SS 2161 B.B.King The Trill Is Gone/You’re Mean
SS 2162 The Isley Brothers Was It Good To You/I Got To Get Myself Together
SS 2169 B.B.King So Excited/Confessing The Blues
SS 2170 Eddie Holman Since I Don’t Have You/Don’t Stop Now
SS 2178 Ray Charles Till I can’t Take It Anymore/Good Morning Dear
SS 2188 The Isley Brothers Warpath/I Got To Find Me One
SS 2193 The Isley Brothers Love The One You’re With/He’s Got Your Love
SS 2198 Henry Shed Bend Me, Shape Me/Save The Last Dance For Me
SS 2201 The Coasters  Cool Jerk/Talkin’ About A Woman
SS 2204 Jean Carter No Good Jim/And None
SS 2205 Creation I Got The Fever/Soul Control
SS 2207 Jimmy Johnson Honey Bee/I Don’t Know Why
SS 2209 Jimmy James A Man Like Me/Survival
SS 8019 S.C.I.Youth Choir Oh Happy Day/I’m Ready To Serve The Lord
SS 8026 Thelma Houston Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Sunflower
SS 8036 Thelma Houston Save The Country/I Just Can’t Stay Away
SS 8044 Thelma Houston I Just Wanna Be Me/Crying In The Sunshine
SS 8050 Roy Head Mama Mama/I’m Not A Fool Anymore

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