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NO OTHER WAY - THE CAUTIONS (SHRINE RECORDS) #northernsoulisourworld

Eddie Singleton part owned Shrine Records and was the producer. He was married to one of Berry Gordy‘s ex-wives, Raynoma Liles who helped to found Motown records.

The story goes that Berry stopped Shrine airplays as he did not appreciate the competition from his ex wife. Apparently, the whole thing ended badly after the Gordy’s divorce. Washington D.C.-based Shrine had no nationally charted hits at all but were popular locally. Their artists are  almost unknown and their sound is great. They are now available on CD.


Eddie Singleton and his wife, Raynoma  started Shrine. Raynoma, known professionally as ‘Miss Ray’, was Berry Gordy’s second wife. Miss Ray later wrote the insider tell-all book, Berry, Me and Motown. On some Shrine labels you can see “Arranged by Miss Ray”.

The short-lived company began in the spring of 1965 and ceased operations in late 1966.

To get cash into the company Raynoma Gordy, who claimed to own half of Motown at the time, pressed 10,000 copies of My Guy by Mary Wells and distributed them at half price until estranged husband Berry stopped it by a court injunction. As a result, Shrine collapsed.

Shrine issues – all of which are 45s – are valued higher than most other releases of the mid-1960s.

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