The Shangri Las

The Shangri-Las -Leader Of The Pack Video with High Quality Sound

Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)   Red Bird 1964
Leader of the Pack
Give Him A Great Big Kiss – 1964
I Can Never Go Home Anymore

Past, Present and Future

The Shangri Las
The Shangri Las
were formed in New York‘s Queens district in 1963. They had a unique sound and repertoire – as an example I can never go home anymore is a sad song in anyone’s book – it brought tears to my eyes when I was thirteen, anyway.

Mary Weiss and the Ganser twin sisters had a gigantic hit with Leader of the Pack although a tune associated with the Mods’ arch enemies the Rockers, the DJ at the Wheel in Manchester kept putting in their tracks and of course we all loved em!
Their lyrics told great stories and were often very theatrical – listen to the amazing Past Present and Future.

And these were all played at Manchester’s Blue Note club the most popular at that time 1968 was “Give Him a Great Big Kiss”.

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