Sandi Sheldon

Sandi Sheldon - Your Gonna' Make Me Love You

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You’re Gonna Make Me Love You

Sandi Sheldon

AKA Kendra Spotswood that’s the real name of Sandi Sheldon. She gets position 36 on Kev Roberts Top 500.

A fantastic song from Van Mc Coy.

Wikipedia: Kendra Spotswood

You’re Gonna Make Me Love You (1967)

Too fast to dance to! In the early late 60’s her 45′ the FANTASTIC the MAGNIFICENT the GLORIOUS “You’re Gonna Make Me Love You” by  Sandi Sheldon was discovered by Dave Lomas; as an import on auction lists from the USA and played at the Blue Note. Like many of the best soul tracks, initially no one liked it. Then a couple of years later it was re-discovered at The Twisted Wheel.

Kendra Spotwood – Sandi Sheldon – Wikipedia