Salsoul Orchestra – Love Break

THE SALSOUL ORCHESTRA. "Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)". 1982. 12" Original Remix Shep Pettibone.

Love Break (1982)
They don’t Stop.

Love those choruses on this track by the Salsoul Orchestra -a really smooth Soulful piece of funk. The Salsoul Orchestra were the session band for the New York City record label Salsoul Records. Presumably the name came from the combination of Salsa and Soul.

The Salsoul Orchestra with a risque LP cover
The Salsoul Orchestra with a risque LP cover

They were formed in 1974 and broke up in 1982. At one time the orchestra had 50 members. Some of their tracks were definitely with a Latin beat, Love Break for instance, has an intro which could be confused with Santana if you hadn’t heard it before.

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