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Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You

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Ruby Andrew’s track Just Loving You (real name Ruby Stackhouse) has to be one of the best soul tracks of all time, irrespective of whether it is classified as Northern Soul, Classic Soul or any other meaningless category it is placed in. Just get hold of a copy and listen.

I think this is a fantastic Soul track easily in the top 20 of any classic Soul appreciator. It was not discovered on the first early Soul scene in the sixties but was on the later Northern Soul Scene WHAT A DISCOVERY! Simple, pure and effective good feeling Soul music. Kev Roberts only puts it at position 47 on his Top 500.

Casanova (Zodiac USA) was played at the Blue Note and we think that Just Loving You was played at the Twisted Wheel but we will have to admit our lack of information on this point.

Then another by here was unearthed by the Northern Soul crowd:

I Got A Bone To Pick With You

Ruby started out as a backing singer on the song “Michael” by the COD’s.

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