Roy C

Roy C - Shotgun wedding-1965

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Shotgun Wedding / I Am Gonna Make It

Roy ‘C’: Shotgun Wedding / High School Dropout (Island WI-273), 1966

 The first recording we heard from Roy in 1965 was the fabulous ‘Shotgun Wedding’ a gunshot sounds then the Wedding March plays. and for a few seconds the dancers hearing this track at the Twisted Wheel for the first time are stunned, just the reaction that Roger the DJ had in mind, he was laughing . as Roy sings “people are standing all around…” and they were, .. and then they danced, and Roy had a hit at the club in Manchester then a few months later it reached the UK Top Twenty. However his first recording as Roy Hammond & the Genies ‘Mama Blow Your Top’ for Forum Records wasn’t a hit at all.

People were standing, all around,

  at a shot gun wedding, here in this town,

    and I’m a victim, oh yeah, of a shotgun wedding,

     ’cause your father’s got a gun and there ain’t no place to run,

        shotgun wedding, and oh ..   yeah.