Rosco Gordon

Rosco Gordon "Let's Get High"


No hit for Rosco. The UK group The Undertakers (Liverpool) had the hit with this in the UK. I saw them perform it live at the Manchester Cavern club. I seem to remember they were on with Lulu & The Luvvers. Mitch Ryder also did an excellent version.

Rosco a piano player from Memphis Rosco Gordon had a hit in1952 in the USA with Booted (recorded at SUN Records):

“Got my pistol, got my knife, gonna get that guy that got my wife”

He did do great lyrics:

From Just a Little Bit:

“I don’t want much, I don’t want it all, just a teenie weenie bit of your love”

With fantastic chunky backing from saxophones, it was a huge track in 1964 and 1965 at the Twisted Wheel.

He started out in the The Beale Streeters named  after the legendary Jazz Street in New Orleans other members of the group included Bobby Bland and Johnny Ace.

Born  1934 – Memphis, Tennessee

Cause of Death  Heart Attack

Died  11th July 2002 – New York