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The Ronettes - Be My Baby | Colorized (1964) 4K

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Be My Baby – London American 1963

You Baby1965

Baby, I Love You

(The Best Part of) Breaking Up

Walking In The Rain

Ronnie Bennett was the lead singer with The Ronettes one of the most iconic sixties girl groups. She became Phil Spector‘s wife and his appalling treatment of her was documented in her autobiography ‘Be My Baby, how I survived Madness, Miniskirts and Mascara‘.  Before that The Ronettes, who were a family group consisting of sisters and a cousin, were recruited by Phil for his ‘Wall of Sound’ treatment and released several songs which are often used as a soundtrack to the early sixties to this day. Ronnie Bennett had a catch and a warble in her voice which could be heart rendering and sound as if she had overcome suffering in her life. Phil Spector was about to give her a whole lot more.

The Ronettes had started out in New York in 1959 but had no recording contract until Phil signed them to record Be My Baby in 1963 which became a huge hit. Ronnie divorced Phil in 1973. The Ronettes’ records were popular at the Twisted Wheel and were revived at the Blue Note club, Manchester.

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