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The Philadelphia Sound - Book

From the people who did that great magazine ‘There’s That Beat!’

How Philly became the Epicenter of Black Music!

The passionate team behind the acclaimed Northern Soul magazine There’s That Beat!, presents here in over 690 lavishly designed pages, their in-depth investigation of how Philadelphia became the hottest city in the American pop and soul music industry, not only once, but twice!

This meticulously researched book tells the remarkable story of the music entrepreneurs, songwriters, arrangers, record labels, recording studios all of which contributed to what became known as The Philly Sound, all beautifully presented in full, sumptuous, coloured detail, including a multitude of rare Soul/R&B discs, vintage photographs and memorabilia.

A quality point of reference and and superb book for any serious soul music fanatics as well as a must for every true Northern Soul record collector!

Looks like this book is a ‘have to have item’ for all Soul fans, covering the entire scene from that great city that also gave us that spreading cheese.

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