Pharrell Williams – HAPPY

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Video)


First recorded by Pharrell Williams father – Andre Williams as Velvet Hammer. No? Well it could have been…

Unfortunately he got involved in a plagiarizing scandal with that Robin Thicke guy – maybe the names is a clue as they copied Marvin Gaye with an aptly named song:

Blurred Lines

Oh dear! Rather an appropriate title for this rip off of Marvin that cost Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke 7.4 million in damages. We could be cruel and say ‘Not so happy now eh?’ but of course, we never would. To be fair, it all appears to have been due to Robin Thicke having confessed to being rather worse for wear at the time of the recording due to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Pharrell Williams - HAPPY
Pharrell Williams – HAPPY

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