OTIS – Chatbot

It can’t have escaped your notice that this Soul music focused website is called SOULBOT.

The reason is that it was originally intended to have Otis Redding acting as an OTIS – Chatbot reading out text and pointing to relevant information. His knowledge of SOUL Music is unsurpassed! Here is Otis on our old radio show: Manchester Soul Radio.

This is work in progress but should you be interested here is some of the state of play from other developers:

Virtual Assistants

Chat Bots are talking animated humanised heads or representations of them.
Some Chat Bots are simply a text only or voice input speech & audio trigger that the programme responds too. Google are introducing iterations of voice command navigation options.

To get an overview look first here. Wikipedia

A Few Examples:

ELIZA – Chat Bot


You could waste a lot of time chatting to this Rogerian psychotherapist – a miss used term for a computer programme that simply puts back idiotic questions to you – come to think of it YES it is a psychotherapist.

Jabbering Jabberwacky – yes wacky gets it.

CHATBOTS.ORG  Yes a much better idea.


The A.L.I.C.E project

Talk to Captain Kirk.

Shame its badly animated and far more stupid than the Jim T Kirk we are used too.

Does he know his own middle name?

YES he does.

And the answer is :

Tiberius‘ Kirk

So in fact you would be far better off typing questions into: Wiki Answers because its quicker.

And proves that such Chat Bots and programs are simply look up tables, matching a question if your lucky. But go outside their ontological tables and they are stumped; whereas Wiki answers is less likely to be so.

Oh you still want to talk to Kirk.

OKay then:

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