Oscar Brown Jr

Oscar Brown: Forty Acres And A Mule (1973)

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Forty Acres And A Mule

Oscar Brown Jr wrote and recorded The Snake in 1963, but it was made famous by Al Wilson who recorded it in 1968. It was played in UK Soul clubs but in Manchester we favoured the fantastic “Now I Know What Love Is” over “The Snake” which later became a huge Northern Soul Anthem (no:4 on K Roberts Top 500 by Al Wilson).

Oscar was a TV personality comedian in the USA and a great critic of the government and an outspoken Civil Rights advocate and used humour to spell out the political undercurrents in the States in the sixties.

His LP had the track “Forty Acres And a Mule” from his 1963 LP Mr Brown Goes To Washington: it had some plays at the Blue Note club in Manchester.

Work Song was huge at the ‘Twisted Wheel’ and Geogie Fame would do it at every time he appeared there.

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