Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson Plays a Heart Medley on the Howard Stern Show (1999)

HOW GLAD I AM – Capitol Records 1964
The End Of Our Love (1968)
Face It Girl It’s Over – 1968

Nancy Wilson – ‘My love has no beginning my love has no end, no walls on either side and my love won’t bend. I’m in the middle caught in a spin, and you don’t know you don’t know, you don’t know how glad I am.’

Nancy Wilson had a chart hit in 1964 with How Glad I Am and it was played at the Brazennose Street Twisted Wheel. This is one of those songs that sounds as fresh today as it did all those years ago.

The others listed above were also played in the sixties at various Manchester soul clubs and “The End Of Our Love” was re-vitalised on the second Soul scene, after only being played at The Blue Note in 68’… reaching 171 on Kev Roberts Northern Soul bible Top 500.

Save Your Love For Me – she made a great blusey jazz LP: (with Cannonball Adderly 1963).

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