Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata (Live 1967)

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The Click Song – 1963
Pata Pata – Reprise Records 1967

The Click Song by Miriam Makeba was popular in the very early days on the soul scene. This was a tribal South African chant. Pata Pata was popular in 1967 and was revived and re-recorded in June 2000 by Miriam Makeba, eventually reappearing in 2004 on a TV commercial. Miriam Makeba was never frightened about speaking out against Apartheid, to the extent that she lost her South African citizenship. After the release of Nelson Mandela, she was able to return.

Among other interesting facts – she married Stokely Carmichael which meant that Reprise Records dropped her like a ton of bricks.

Born  4th March 1932, Johannesburg

Died  9th November 2008, Caserta, Italy aged 76

Miriam Makeba – Death Announcement

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