Manchester Soul Clubs

Manchester Soul Club Venues;   The GENESIS of Northern Soul

By far the most influential of all the Manchester Soul clubs was the Twisted Wheel. The Blue Note was probably second. The Jigsaw Club was not fully dedicated to soul, Rowntrees was but only on Sunday lunchtime sessions. The Bolton Boneyard was amazing, but did not last very long 1965 to 1966 just about covers it. The same applies to Roger Eagle‘s Staxx Club.

The clubs below are just a small collection of the many clubs in Manchester in the sixties. Often American Blues and Soul artists would perform in two or three in the same night. These included cabaret clubs and drinking dens. For a good insight into these, see Manchesterbeat – Venues

Twisted Wheel - Club Card
Twisted Wheel Club card

The Jigsaw Manchester
Rowntrees Spring Gardens – one of many Rowntrees clubs in Manchester in the sixties
The Boneyard – Caroline Lounge – now
The Staxx Club - Manchester club n the sixties
Staxx Club – opened by Roger Eagle

The previous club at this location was the Three Coins owned by the now notorious Jimmy Savile who seemed to pop up at any of the ‘beat clubs’ of the time. It is now known that as a very clever predator he was able to ply his trade ‘in plain sight’ – the more famous he became the more daring and invincible.

Three Coins Manchester
The Three Coins – operated by Jimmy Savile