Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson - Loving Arms (Official Audio)

A House For Sale

Ask Me What You Want – 1972

My Man, A Sweet Man 1973 

Hurts So Good

Millie Jackson was known as the X-rated soul singer. She was born in Thompson Georgia on the 15th July 1944. Her recording career started in 1970. She sounds similar to Gladys Knight which would no doubt please her no end. She released If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want to Be Right in 1975 which came from her album Caught Up. She was given two Grammy awards for it – a song about loving a married man, complete with children. So its no wonder she ended up singing about having a house for sale!

My Man Is A Sweet Man gets in at 100 on Kev Roberts Top 500 and A House For Sale gets in at 375.

Wikipedia: Millie Jackson