Lowell Fulson

Lowell Fulson / Black Nights

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Black Nights
RECONSIDER BABY – (1953) Chess
ROLLIN’ BLUES – (Inst. 1955)
Talking Woman (Sue 1966)

Simply HUGE records at the first Twisted Wheel. Tramp was written for Lowell Fulson by Jimmy McCracklin. This Bluesman does R&B style rappin’ Soul with his great version of “TRAMP”.

Many of his tracks were on LP’s that the DJ had (Roger Eagle).

A Minor hit in the USA in 1967 but a major hit in 1968 for Otis and Carla, a single released from their King and Queen album.

Ray Charles started out in the Lowell Fulson band.

Lowell Fulsom

Born: 31st March 1921 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Died 6th March 1999 – Long Beach, California

Wikipedia: Lowell Fulson

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