Leiber and Stoller

Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller on Letterman, March 24, 1987 (full, stereo)

Leiber and Stoller – the legend goes that Mike Stoller went to Europe and his ship sank.  He was rescued and met at the New York Docks by Jerry Lieber shouting that “Hound Dog” was a number one hit.

“Wow” said Mike,  “It’s taken around three years for Big Mamma to get there”.

“No, no” shouts Jerry, “its been done by some kid I never heard of called Elvis!”


They wrote many hits for Soul and Rock and Roll artists (Elvis)

Lieber Stoller were Atlantic’s major writing team in the late 50’s and early 60’s:


Lucky LipsRuth Brown (1957)

(United Artists, 1959: Lieber Stoller)

Coasters – Poison Ivy

Drifters.. On and on.

Ben E. King / Stand By Me and much more.